Fernhill Corp (OTC: $FERN) is a publicly traded Web3 Enterprise Software Infrastructure company focused on providing cloud based APIs and solutions for digital asset trading, NFT marketplaces, data aggregation and DeFi/Lending. 

We believe in Web3 and Decentralization. It is both Trustless and Permissionless. Web3 matters because it enables individuals to do business and exchange value with each other across the internet directly, without an intermediary (aka middleman). Web3 is positioned to disrupt a significant portion of the global economy and has the ability to free us from the shackles of big tech and oppressive governments.

Fernhill is building and acquiring software infrastructure and data aggregation solutions designed to optimize, automate, and simplify the use of and access to enterprise level FinTech services around Web3, Digital Assets and the Metaverse.

MainBloq.io is our Digital Asset Trading SaaS platform that is a non-custody professional suite of trading tools that provide multi-exchange smart order routing, algorithmic trading, and data aggregation, all delivered through a customizable UI. MainBloq is designed for Hedge Funds and Trading firms that want to gain an edge, simplify their trading and generate alpha. Fernhill acquired MainBloq in November 2021.

LendBloq - non recourse loans for your crypto holdings

LendBloq is our Digital Asset Lending service that provides non-recourse loans against the top 10 digital assets. Loan Programs are custom designed for each borrower and caters to hedge funds, traders, mining companies and HNW holders that want to monetize their holdings without selling, while getting highly competitive terms, LTVs and quick turn closings.

DIGXNFT Marketplace

DIGXNFT is a proprietary tokenization platform and NFT marketplace for digital asset collectibles. The platform is designed to be creator centric and user friendly, while also having enterprise grade capabilities with cross-chain EVM and container based infrastructure. DIGXNFT is also designed to be a white label solution for enterprises and brands that want to control and own the customer relationship in a brand-centric manner. DIGXNFT’s roadmap evolves into becoming a marketplace for registered alternative assets for both individual and institutional collectors. Fernhill built DIGXNFT from the ground up.

PerfectMine - Server Management, Monitoring and Optimization for large scale deployments

PerfectMine was acquired as a technology tuck-in acquisition of a crypto mining optimization, monitoring and OS platform for GPU and CPU mining. The core architecture is based upon remote server tuning, monitoring, management and optimization for large scale multi-server computing environments. Currently, PerfectMine is going to be repurposed and designed to manage distributed compute environments serving the AI and M2M Learning industries.

Fernhill also supports the industries it serves and is a proud Principal Member of the Metaverse Standards Forum and is a Signatory Member of the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA).

Why Invest In FERNHILL?

In building a portfolio of diversified assets and operating businesses across the digital asset and blockchain industries, our goal is to create value for our shareholders through income generation and asset appreciation on the back of growing our businesses. We offer a unique opportunity to participate in the most dynamic and fastest growing segments of the technology industry – Web3 and the Metaverse. Our team has incredible long standing experience building companies and has collectively created massive shareholder value completing over $2Billion in technology finance, IPOs and M&A activity, and takes pride in upholding responsible financial stewardship.

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