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Fernhill Corp (Symbol: FERN) is a publicly traded Web3 Enterprise Infrastructure company focused on providing cloud based APIs for digital asset trading, NFT marketplaces and data aggregation solutions. 

As part of our Mission, we strongly believe that we can do good while creating highly sustainable long-term shareholder value. For example, with our decentralized and distributed remote team, we do our small part with no commuting to and from offices for our employees and contractors.

In addition, we believe in Web3 and Decentralization. It is both Trustless and Permissionless. Web3 matters because it enables individuals to do business and exchange value with each other across the internet directly, without an intermediary (aka middleman). Web3 is positioned to disrupt a significant portion of the global economy. It has the ability to free us from the shackles of big tech and oppressive governments.

Fernhill Acquired Crypto Mining Optimization, Monitoring and OS platform PerfectMine.io as well as Digital Asset Trading Platform, MainBloq.io and seeks to make additional acquisitions of growing revenue generating software and services companies in the Web3/Digital Asset space.

Fernhill is a Signatory Member of the Crypto Climate Accord (CCA) and a Principal Member of the Metaverse Standards Forum.

Why Invest In FERNHILL?

In building a portfolio of diversified assets and operating businesses across the digital asset and blockchain industries, our goal is to create value for our shareholders through income generation and asset appreciation on the back of growing our investment holdings. We offer a unique opportunity to participate in the early stages of aggressive growth while we further develop and expand our business holdings and make accretive acquisitions that are aligned with our experienced management team and by upholding responsible financial stewardship.

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